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Day 1. Sustainable low-carbon future of Europe

CEE perspective on the construction industry journey to enable the EU energy, climate and sustainability objectives​ – Gordon Sutherland, European Commission, EASME

Estonian experience with the new Climate and Energy plan of member states – Madis Laaniste, Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

PANEL Project 

Results from PANEL2050 project - Elis Vollmer (EMU)

Roadmapping Andreas Karner (CPU) and Stakeholder Engagement in PANEL2050 Hector C. Pagan (UT)

Best Examples in Stakeholder Engagement and Roadmapping from partner countries

Energy transition in CEE countries – the State of Play – Csaba Vaszko, Consultant on energy transition and sustainability in CEE region

The Importance of Local Energy Planning – Andy Deacon, Covenant of Mayors

Converting Local energy planning to National – Mihkel Annus, Estonian Renewable Energy Association


Day 2. Expanding and strengthening the CEESEN network

Best Practices for Sustainable Energy Initiatives in the CEE & Lessons for the next Programming Period - Gordon Sutherland, European Commission, EASME

Local Governments leading energy transition in CEE region with the help of CoM - Andy Deacon, Covenant of Mayors

Estonian support mechanisms for energy efficiency actions by Estonian Environmental Investment Centre - Reet Utsu (Environmental Investment Centre)

Energy Poverty in the CEE region - Roman Kekec, LEASP, Slovenia